The Breaking a Broken Organization system

“The organizational pyramid emphasizes power, promotes insecurity, distorts communications, hobbles interaction, and makes it very difficult for the people who plan and the people who execute to move in the same direction.” — RICARDO SEMLER, SEMCO

A functioning organization is a well-oiled machine. Every part works as it was designed, that was the belief of the factory system. The participation age allows for distributed decisions, ensuring that we utilize the full capabilities of the team. Chuck Blakeman states that it is time to give people their brains back and involve the team in the decision-making process.

In the last 20 years, we saw the change and the progress from the shift to the participation age instead of remaining with the tried traditional method. Kodak stayed with the traditional method and as a result, the organization declined into bankruptcy. Morning Star shifted and grew because the organization work on the principle of being mission-centered. Each team member is responsible for achieving that mission. Combining the abilities and brains of the team allowed the organization to manage to grow with the team and not individual decision-making.

Chuck Blakeman’s Re-HUMAN-izing the workplace encourages distributed decision-making as the norm and the way of the future. Distributed decision-making eliminates the need for people managers and limited thinking, unlike the organization system. Take a hard look at Kodak and Morning Star and where their methods lead them. The question now asked is, is your company staying in the past, or will it be with the Participation Age and Chuck Blakeman’s guidance?

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