Leadership is strategic and tactical

Leadership is strategic and tactical

People need leadership, both on a strategic and tactical level, but they do not need to be managed

Running a business with no leadership or vision can be as clear as mud. It can become confusing when the company’s goals aren’t clear and the business loses focus. Chuck Blakeman teaches us that organic leadership is key to a company’s success.

According to Chuck Blakeman, the primary purpose of a leader is to guide their team or organization in the right direction. They are responsible for taking care of their people, having a clear vision for the future, and executing the plan effectively

Great leaders know that communicating objectives and goals early-onset their teams up for long-term success. Leaders are not managers who control or micromanage their team members. Rather, they, are partners who work with their team members to achieve similar goals. Everyone’s focus is mission-centered, everyone’s input is equally important. The employees are highly motivated and engaged in their tasks because everyone is a stakeholder. Make the right move and start reaping in the spoils of effectively distributed decision making, with Chuck Blakeman’s guidance.

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