distributed leadership

Distributed leadership in the Workplace

Distributed leadership is a fundamental shift from relying on an imposed management hierarchy to developing everyone’s four leadership traits (be, do, inspire, relate)


The world today is shaped by technological and commercial innovations and disruptions. With change being a constant for all business domains, good leadership has evolved to become more flexible and highly adaptable with the Participation Age, creating opportunities for others to lead.

A distributed leadership team approach ensures that decision-making responsibilities are shared. A distribution allows staff to operate at a pace without being reliant on a single person. These leaders inspire others to be more than what they are now. Innovative thinking and methods are encouraged because it paves the way for new leaders to rise to their full potential. Innovation allows for more collaboration and a deep dive into the teams’ skills and capabilities to serve the needs of all.

The practice of distributed leadership stops the bottleneck of decision-making. There is an equal, collective, and extended leadership practice that builds the capacity for change and improvement. Are you ready to Re-HUMAN-ize your workplace and teach your team how distributed leadership will send the business forward?

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