Leader vs Manager – which one are you?

Every business owner or CEO’s greatest dream is for their company to be successful, but that cannot be due to the hard work of one individual – you need a team to help you reach the top. How does one obtain their goal with the help of their employees and keep them motivated simultaneously? Ensure that you lead your team towards success by working with them instead of enabling them and telling them what they need to do.

Focus on the leadership within your company instead of management

A healthy business means that your employees, who form the team to build the business, feel appreciated and valued. Every member is equally important, and so are their input and responsibility towards their work. The best results will be the product of a colleague who receives the recognition for their contributions and not necessarily what they have done to make the manager ‘look good’.

Nobody wants to feel or be micromanaged or have your boss watching over your shoulder. It prevents you from thinking outside the box; do as you are told and work like a machine, finish the job and tick off the checklist given from command – what happened to self-responsibility and taking ownership of your work? Ownership is the most powerful motivator in a business. It is good to recognize the hard work and effort of your employees.

‘The art of leadership is to know how few decisions the leader needs to make.’

A leader asks questions – a manager gives instructions. Every person will feel more valued when asked questions that require them to investigate and be innovative, searching for possibilities and positive outcomes. This will be stimulating and provide a sense of worth and a feeling of belonging in the team, where together, they will achieve more. To manage people is the exact opposite. Give fewer orders and allow your employees to provide answers with you only providing guidance and support. The outcome will be the product of the input.

How to become a strategic leader?

Think about the fruit that your tree of success will carry because of strategic leadership. Management should be of the past. Three factors to consider when shifting to strategic leadership in your business.
1. Focus on the result by focusing on the team and not the task. Champion the people – take care of your people, and they will take care of your business.
2. Do not be task-orientated only but focus on the employees as well.
3. Divide and delegate responsibilities while you guard the organization’s values.

That being said, it is clear that a shift from being a manager to a leader in the right step towards seeing your company grow into the successful organization that you’ve dreamt it would be. Grab Chuck Blakeman’s book, Re-HUMAN-izing The Workplace or claim your free chapter, from the shelf now and read how to transform your organization to one that focuses on leadership.


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