"I’m finding Re-HUMAN-izing the Workplace inspirational and a game changer. I would like to use it as a teaching tool and required reading for my clients. This book is a gift to the world!"

The Art and Science of Distributed Decision-making

The Participation Age requires decisions to be made by those who carry them out, not in a vacuum, but in collaboration and community. Re-HUMAN-izing the Workplace presents the Twelve Tools of Decision-making leading to remarkable and lasting business success for every organization that embraces them.

“In the emerging work world of the Participation Age, organizations that distribute decision-making to rehumanize everyone’s work will flourish, and those that don’t will be left behind.”
Chuck Blakeman


Re-HUMAN-izing the Workplace (By Giving Everybody Their Brain Back), or RTW, is Chuck Blakeman’s third book. Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea, his second book and a Top Ten business book of 2014, was the who, what, when, where and why of the Participation. RTW is the HOW; how to build a Participation Age company where people work remote very effectively, and where everybody participate in building a great organization, not for you, but with you, and where everybody shares in the rewards of doing so.


1. Imposed hierarchy replaced with Distributed Decision-making Teams

A network of both office-based and remote teams, released to take action.

2. The Mission-Centered Organization

Everyone’s loyalty is to the Mission, not a manager.

3. Everyone is a Leader

And everyone is a follower. We lead each other in our areas or expertise.

4. Community at Work

In-office and remote teams organized around relationships get the task done better, faster, and happier.

5. Management is replaced with leadership

Managers are good people in a hopelessly broken structure. The Twelve Tools train everyone to lead and releases both in-office and remote teams to build for success.

6. Distributed Decision-making

The central practice of Participation Age companies with 100% engaged people.

7. DDM Teams – the new organizational structure

92% of companies want to replace hierarchy with a “network of teams”. Remote and in-office team members are most productive and effective on a DDM Team.