Participation Age

A Participation Age company hires people who put other people first.

Are you passionate about helping others achieve their goals? Then get yourself acquainted with the participation age for your businesses sake. 

A Participation Age company causes people to get their brains back in a workplace setting. To name a few, the major principles Participation Age organizations have adopted are as follows:

1. Participation and sharing – this allows people in your company to build a great organization with you (not for you) and to share in the rewards.
2. Aversion to imposed hierarchy – do not focus on hierarchy, have organic leadership take place. 
3. Mission-centered –  everyone should be dedicated to the same mission not boss.
4. Distributed decision-making – have your goals, metrics, growth, pay, hiring and firing are all made by collaborating, cooperating and communicating in community. 

To find out about the remaining major principles, and more importantly, how to implement this into your business, get your hands on Chuck Blakeman’s latest book Re-HUMAN-ising the workplace available on Amazon or claim your free chapter of Re-Human-izing the workplace today.

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