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The Secret To Building Great Products or Services

Everything lines up when you fully embrace the empowering practice of being mission centered as the basis for building a great product or service and creating happy, loyal customers.

Trying to assemble a puzzle with many pieces can be a nightmare but it’s not impossible if you know what pieces to focus on first. Putting together great products and services is no different, it’s like a puzzle that needs to be put together piece by piece until everything lines up and fits in its place. So where do you start?

What problem does the product or service solve for the customer?

Understanding your customer’s problem will guide how your product is made and how it performs. For example, the problem that the 3to5 Club is solving is a company’s lack of business connections. 3to5 Club solves this by connecting you to a community of experienced business professionals that help solve unique challenges you encounter as you grow your business.

User experience

How will your customers access your product? For example, Canva is a digital design tool that you can use on digital devices. It’s accessed through the web or by using a mobile app you download on your phone. Think about how your customers will be able to access and use your products. Understanding how your product will be used and how customers will access it will help you improve its user experience.

Give some thought to how easy it is to use your product. Revisit this often to keep improving your customer’s user experience. It should be easy for customers to use your product or service. An easy user experience makes your product more enjoyable to use which is crucial for customer retention. Big firms such as Google spend millions on research to make their products easy to use. 

Time is money

In the world of business, the longer it takes you to solve an issue, the more money it costs you. Your team can assist you in using time effectively to produce the best results, keeping costs low. Forbes highlights the ways in which you can build your team to ensure success in order to pull this off.

Go the extra mile and cater to your customers’ needs in ways that set you apart from your competitors. If you provide value, then you are more likely to attract customer attention and retain their loyalty. Good customer service, warranties on products, and discounts on the first service of a vehicle are all great examples of increasing product/service value for the customer. These little extras make all the difference and are the things that will keep your customers coming back.

These are just a few of the puzzle pieces that you will need on your way to building products and services that stand out from your competition and give you an edge in the market. Is there a product or service you are interested in developing? Then take your knowledge a step further and grab a copy of our book Re-Human-izing The Workplace Giving Everybody Their Brain Back by author and businessman Chuck Blakeman.

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