What makes you a great leader – The art of leadership

“Great leaders are important here because they understand that the art of leadership is to make as few decisions as possible and to instead teach others how to make those decisions. The more decisions get pushed across the organization to the people who must carry them out, the more engagement will increase.”

When giving unnecessary guidance is required it takes the enjoyment, satisfaction, and engagement out of a task. Decision-making, from a leader, can become too intrusive for employees and cuts time off of roles a leader should be fulfilling. A leader is needed to manage employees, make sure members are not demotivated, overworked, or unhappy, not making all the decisions and ordering employees around.

Any business, to grow and thrive, requires investment. Employee wellbeing needs to be a priority, and studies are proving better financial outcomes are directly related to happier employees.

Disengaged employees come with a negative cost for businesses. Making these productivity improvements happen, especially in the remote workplace – can be challenging. For more ways to improve the hierarchy in your company get Chuck Blakeman’s latest book, Rehumanizing the workplace. It gives 12 tools for decision-making that will help you make informed decisions and much more. Get your copy or free sample today.

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