Separation of work and personal life is unhealthy, unprecedented for most people

Have you ever found yourself having one type of persona when entering your workspace in the morning, only to become a completely different persona when you clock out and go home?

It seems that employees see it as the status quo for you to leave your creative personality at home, only to climb into the box and do as instructed by management at work – and don’t you dare think outside that box that may lead to you asking why. Times have changed over the decades, and companies need to evolve to provide an optimal work environment for everyone. Would it not be fantastic to see your team members filled with excitement every morning they enter the office?

Finding the right work-life balance

The days of separating our work and personal lives are over, and one will find that the transition to finding the balance might be easier than you think. The current pandemic has already led to many companies working remotely, which inevitably meant that a grey area emerged between the workspace and personal life. The latest “office banter” was to see your colleague’s 2-year-old running into the room during a crucial Zoom meeting. Initially seen as unprofessional, but it provided a friendlier and more fun environment for the colleagues. We tend to forget that every colleague has a personal life, and why should we keep that part away from the office when that highlights the unique character traits and creates comfortability with who they are? Those are two crucial qualities that are brought to the table to formulate innovative thinking, providing an opportunity for the company to step up and see how easily success is achievable when every person actively takes ownership of their contribution.

How to integrate your work with your personal life

We spend the majority – of the course of the week at work. Why not make the best of it and make time to get to know our colleagues? No one wants to work with people around whom you cannot be yourself. Managers should also learn to lead and not only micro-manage their team. Giving slack to the reigns and allowing your employees to hold on to it with you provides a feeling of trust and equality, immediately creating an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated.

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