Peer communication benefits of “drivers of company greatness”

“Research across fifty-seven countries found that nearly half of the top fifteen drivers of company greatness are about building peer team community.”

Peer team communication provides an environment for those working in a business to share ideas and learn through one another’s experiences.

It’s a change of pace for employees to communicate with people they can relate to and exchange valuable industry findings. Prevention of mistakes and reassurance on the methods used to tackle problems comes with a peer communication system.

The benefits gained allow for better work outcomes due to employees receiving emotional support and problems solved through peer communication.

Sharing of information and knowledge amongst peers only contributes to the upliftment of a business. It makes the working experience for employees a healthier one. Want to know how to build success for your business? Find out more in Chuck Blakeman’s book – Rehumanizing the workplace or claim your free chapter now.

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